Top 5 Causes of Water Damage

May 12 2020

Have you experienced water damage in your home or business? 40% have experienced a loss due to water damage. It can spread contamination, ruin the paint, and damage the flooring. However, it can actually be prevented by knowing what the causes are and what to look for. Check out these 5 ways to protect your home from water damage!

pipe burst, leaking pipes, water damage


Plumbing pipes are prone to clogs and damage. Be on the lookout for cracks, bulges, stains, and other signs of moisture on your ceiling or floors to prevent plumbing problems before they start. If you spot a leak, it could mean there is water damage in other areas too.  Another indication of leaking water is a spike in your water bill. There are 3 places to look that are prone to collecting water: crawl spaces, cabinets, and attics. Also, be sure to inspect and insulate your pipes every year before winter begins. If you don’t, your pipes can freeze within a few hours, and then, when it starts to warm, the pipes will burst, soaking your entire house. 

worn gaskets, broken doors, leaking hoses, clogged drains


Dishwasher, refrigerators, and washing machines are the 3 main applicant leaks. The cause is normally from worn gaskets, broken doors, leaking hoses, and clogged drains. It can cause damage to your flooring, electrical wiring, and paint.

Dishwasher: prevent buildup in your dishwasher by running it with a quart of vinegar each month.

Refrigerators: prevent your refrigerator from flooding by making sure it is well insulated and check it regularly for leaks.

Washing machine: a valve shutoff kit can prevent the water from flooding into your home.

clogged drain, grease, hair, dirt


Drains in your bathrooms, kitchens, and mudrooms can be clogged with dirt, grease, hair, and other substances. This will break down your pipes and cause structural damage. It will also cause problems such as disease, sickness, and aggravated health conditions if drain clogs are not cleared. To prevent, place small screens over drains and pour boiling water down your drain once a month.

air conditioning unit, AC, clogged lines, leaking, flooding,

HVAC Units

Air-conditioning (A/C) systems can cause floods in your home if you do not inspect and clean them regularly. Also, shut off your central air conditioning unit to prevent damage and risk of electrocution if there is a storm coming.

mold, bacteria, overflowing, flooding

Sump Pump

Sump pump problems can flood in your basement causing water damage. Then you will have to deal with mold damage, water removal, and bacteria. Keep your sump pump working properly by making sure that it is standing upright. Also, be sure that the vent hole in the discharge pipe is clear. The outlet pipes should be joined tightly together.

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