If you have a leak, call ABC first!

Oct 30 2019

If you experience a leak in your home or place of business, please follow the following steps to ensure the amount of damage is minimal.

  1. Call ABC Cleaning and Restoration before the plumber!
  2. Turn the water off
  3. Turn off the valve under the toilet
  4. Turn off the valve under the sink
  5. Turn off the valve near the road. It is typically a concrete box with metal lid. You will need pliers or a water key if you have it. Then, open the metal lid and pull off concrete lid. DO NOT PUT YOUR HAND IN. Also, look for spiders before you turn off the water.

We work with your insurance company to help keep cost down and get the job down quickly. We also work with top rate plumbers and restoration companies in North Alabama to make sure you are taking care of right!

If you have experienced a leak or have any questions, call ABC Cleaning and Restoration today!256-682-0345