Shower Drain Leak

Sep 09 2020

We received a call from a family that was experiencing water damage in their bathroom. That water damage was caused by a leaking shower drain that was causing issues with their bathroom tile, baseboards, walls, and bathroom vanity. Upon further investigation, we discovered that there were two other issues. One, the water damage was causing mold on the insulation, and two, the water damage had affected their daughter’s closet that was on the other side of the bathroom wall.

After the walls and floors were dried, we had RenovationPro come in and replace the drywall, insulation, carpet, bathroom tile, bathroom vanity, baseboards, and shower. Followed by new paint and an updated light fixture.

We are here for all your water damage needs 24/7 because leaks and bursting pipes don’t wait until it is convenient. And, whether it is in your bathroom or affecting multiple rooms, we will make cleanup easy as ABC!